Logos Software2014-2015

I worked as Sr. Designer and Art Director for various Logos.com and Faithlife.com related products from March 2014 – August 2015. In that time I focused on product and brand management, web traffic growth, responsive web site UI and advertising revenue. I provided direction over web and mobile design for a major product launch in Logos 6 and helped develop and launch a few smaller brands under the Faithlife banner.

Product Designer, Art Director
“Clint is a great designer and collaborator. Clint is passionate about solving problems and telling the truth about a product, concept, or idea. He is always digging, probing, and peeling away the layers until he gets to the core. And then he makes everyone else understand what’s good, right, and valuable about it. If you want to work with Clint, bring your A-game, because he’s bringing his.” – Chris duMond / Logos Marketing Manager, Senior Strategist “Out of any designer I’ve ever worked with, Clint has the best pulse on the web and app realm. His brain is somehow directly wired in to the web which keeps him utilizing and introducing others to new technologies and methods for design for digital. He knocks out design quickly and asks all the right questions to deliver the best solutions.” – Nick Kelly / Faithlife Manager of Design and Video